Monday, June 20, 2011

Revived and Ready to Go

Hello all my well wishes!

Well after a very long and much needed break I am regaining my sew jo slowly but surely! I did mention to Mr Notsewshabby this morning that I have found the perfect spot to put my sewing station...  He quickly gave me one of those looks! you know the look I mean the "here we go again" look.  I started taking photos of all of my little goodies and am sharing them in my etsy store and my made it store. Check them both out.  Store name is obviously notsewshabby all one word :) 

Although I do need a little help with the photography department I am very sucky at that.... Probablly becuase I dont have the patience to read instructions...

Here is what is new in my etsy shop:

My infamous Frilly Dillies are back!

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