Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas is fun! Right?

Christmas is fun! right?

Hi to all my little followers, well as you may or may not know I have been absent from my blog for way too long.  the reason being is that I lost my son in a drowning accident just gone two years ago.... time goes fast let me tell you... I have not been able to give myself permission to do too much social media nor have I allowed myself to be creative.... you see grief is a funny thing, and you somehow know when it IS time to allow yourself to live again and accept all the wonderful things that are still present in your life.  You somehow know when it is time to create the world you want and not one that was or the one that was sad.  So for me I can feel that my life is evolving and moving through this grief phase... don't get me wrong you never stop grieving you just learn to live moments at a time grieving and remembering loved ones.

So I come back to the title of my blog today about Christmas being fun!  Of course Christmas is fun!  However for me the past two Christmases have been extremely hard as it was my boys favourite day of the year.  Well this Christmas we are going to celebrate his life and do all the fun things he loved, playing in the pool, having water gun fights, eating lots of chocolates and pigging out on the Christmas ham.  Christmas will be about celebrating those that we love and have lost this year, being my mother in law Pat who past away 11/11/13 and our dear Aunty Margaret and Uncle Frank.  I hope you have found your way to my boy Dylan and can now look after him.  I feel a little bit more settled knowing that he is with his Nan.

As people know each year I do a bit of a theme, and have changed my theme choices about three times already this year and my colour selections.  But I have decided to go colourful, and this is to celebrate all the colourful personalities that are with us today and who have exited our lives.  I love colour and colour it will be.

My babies, Tahlia, Ashlee and Jordan
My Angel Boy in Heaven Dylan

                Husband Darren                                                             Me and my mum best dish pig ever!

Our Dessert Table last year                                                                  And our table setting

My sister and I Kristy

 Kristy and her husband Simon

   My Old man Dad!

the Gingerbread House I made

So this year I'm making it colourful yes I am so stay tuned to see colour!